Wireless Driveway Alarm (Your Choice)

Wireless Driveway Alarm (Your Choice)

If these are triggered by cats, squirrels and other creatures, they would drive us crazy.

Got this last time. I’d recommend a pass on this. It has been hit and miss with more misses.

Wireless Driveway Alarm - Amazon

I don’t get it. This is less costly on Amazon at $31.99 + a 10% off coupon for the option with two sensors. Not much of a Woot bargain. Sorry Woot, but I expect better deals here than what the mothership offers.


I have this in my yard, but I have it so I know when groundhogs and raccoons come in my yard.


See it on the fence

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The four of them standing up, eating with their hands, SO cute :heart_eyes:. Thanks for sharing.

Too bad petting zoos and completely feral creatures aren’t allowed.


Anything under $30 is usually a miss. I tried these and sent them back.

It’s not there anymore.

Yo homes, when 5-O’s cruisers roll in at 4:30AM and da SWAT is hittin your driveway pavement, you need to be informed. Your choices, grab your gat and go out like a true case, get outta there, they got a warrant for you!, dump your stash in the john and act ignorant & tell em it must be a setup by your ex lyin about you.
Whichever way you choose, you need dis advanced warning.

Like this

And this?