Wireless Earbuds with Charging Box

Wireless Earbuds with Charging Box

I bought these for ~$15 a while ago.

Their range didn’t reach my phone when was in my pocket. They recognized as the wrong ear (right says left, left says right when turned on) And they didn’t disconnect from my phone when I put them in the charger unless I manually did it from my phone.

After a week of use the batteries in them last for 15 minutes.

PROs: Woot Customer service was top notch and refunded me my money and didn’t even want me to send back the ear buds. Which was perfect because I enjoyed throwing them away at the bus stop when I got the email back from them.


They connect to my phone, sound comes through, and there is a complete lack of fire. They aren’t the best sounding bluetooth earbuds I’ve used, but they’re better than the free-ones RedHat was giving away at the last conference I went to, and the battery lasts longer to.