Wireless Garden Yada Headset Hub – 2 Pack


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Wireless Garden Yada Headset Hub - 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Wireless Garden Yada Headset Hub WG-YADA01

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Is this like the yada yada yada we know and love from the Seinfeld episodes?


my garden isn’t wireless!


interesting, what the heck are these and how do they work?


What is this??? a hub for speakers/headphones? Do they all drain the power from the volume and you end up all listening to quiet music together?




How is this wireless?


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cuz battery life doesnt suck already with noise canceling headphones… lets add 4 friends and barely make it thru a song haha



I see wires!


No Batteries means no power to the headphones, TURN IT UP PLZ KTHX


My thoughts exactly.


What exactly are these?


You got wires in your garden?


Maybe Michigans government could use some of these to get a budget settled.


Oh boy! Now EVERYONE can hear what I need to pick up at the store…


here is the product description from their website:




2fer tuesdays! W00ted for 1.



what the hell kind of description… no one understands how it works or anything. i don’t see any Y-adapters or hubs to disperse the audio signal, and second if there’s no battery to amplify the audio signal, there will be MAJOR audio loss!!!

a better description plz next time?

what a waste of my valuable sleep!!