Wireless In-Ear Headphones w/ Case

Are you serious? Every time these are sold the discussion is flooded with comments about how bad they are. I think you have a perfectly good read on the seriousness of the problems with this product…

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“19d” means 19 day old comment, right?

So out of 20 comments, most of them more than 4 days old, only a single luke warm comment.

If these are still selling in spite of the deluge of negative feedback, those Woot customers must not be bothering to look at the feedback.

Customer service must be having fun. And these can’t do good things for Woot’s reputation. At least the Woot warranty cuts out at 90 days, limiting the Woot pain.

We keep a close eye on returns and refunds on a product when we see comments like the ones in this thread. Thing is, people are more likely to post if they’re unhappy. The hundreds that are happy with the headphones aren’t posting.

The contacts to customer service for this item are a VERY small percentage of the number sold. That is why I encroursge people to contact woot customer service.

please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

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Cheap crap. These at $13.67 on AliExpress.
See here

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I wish I had read the reviews. Biggest waste of money…I literally threw them away the first day. Horrible.

I don’t trust woot for selling these. There on Amazon for $11 and there are poor reviews and non shown here. Lucky I cancelled my order. I will forever double check woot because this kind of shady business practice. You have good products but you will also sell crap and make it seem good. I bet (as I’m sure you do) most people will just eat the loss.

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I don’t get the hate directed at these. They are pretty comfortable, sound decent (I’ve heard better and worse). My only complaint is that I usually only get about an hour of use before they need to be recharged.

That’s pretty condemning right there.

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I neglected to read these comments before ordering and maybe I’m glad I did.

Given the price, I had low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised and found they sound pretty good to my aged (67) ears.

Sure, 90-minute play time is nothing to write home about, but still, for the price, it’s acceptable.

My complaint is just that the little manual says zilch about recharging the case. How can one tell it’s done? It flashes red when you first plug it in, then glows a steady red when charging, but even left overnight, nothing else happens. Shouldn’t the light change color or go out when it’s done?

Can WOOT or any other user tell me?


Hi there. This is from the vendor:

“The case fully charges after 3 hours. The light color will remain steady.”

These suck, wish I hadn’t bought them. Trying to determine if recovering $19.99 is worth the energy to do it. Do not buy these.

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Not only are these wireless buds, terrible, as everyone has stated; but given that Amazon and Apple now have an official selling relationship, why is Amazon selling these knockoffs?

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How do you know they’re happy? Maybe they don’t want to be bothered posting their complaints for such a cheap item?

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I am so glad you posted this. The same seems true to me. So, so sad. Since A purchased W, the quality of what’s offered appears to add up to dumping ground.


Make no mistake. They are garbage. They lose charge quickly. You’ll constantly have to deal with signal interference. They are absolute trash for talking to someone on the phone. But, for $20 and wanting to listen to music without having a wire get caught on something and yank the headphones out of my ears, they are good enough. Would I recommend them? No. Do I regret my purchase? Eh…

They are NOT Apple products! More like CrabApple. They genuinely are useless. I agree with the person who said it was the worst product Woot ever posted.
I miss the days when you could get a Sansa mp3 player or a Slacker Radio for a song :notes:. Now there’s mostly expensive crappy stuff on here.

Not an audio expert but three fit my ears just fine and have decent sound. A little less than 2 hours runtime when using both for music. I’ve had for a couple weeks and so far is a solid purchase at 20 bucks

I also did not read the comments, mine worked one time and then would not charge. pitched them in the trash yesterday. Do Not Order this piece of junk. You get what you pay for, which was nothing.