Wireless In-Ear Headphones w/ Case


Tried to watch a video and the video lag is real. Maybe a second and a half off of the video :frowning: damn, I had listened to some music and the quality was decent enough that I ordered more for some stocking stuffers but these may indeed be junk like all the other comments say. Fuk


FYI - these are a BAD BUY. When using the headphones for a call, the call sound will only go to one ear bud?! Why?! That’s the whole point of being headphones! And they’re designed that way, it’s outlined in the manual but not on the woot website. Watch out on these and save your money.


This product is the worst


Cannot believe I didn’t read the reviews on these. I thought Woot was better than selling pieces of crap like this.


I wish I had seen the reviews. Mine arrived last week and they are truly junk. Ugh.


I bought these the last time they were offered. I don’t even think they are worth $20. Not recommended.


So I purchased these and had not read the comments. I hope they are better than stated, but I will determine for myself… if they ever get here.

TT: I ordered three pair, one black and two white. I have already received the black pair but the two white ones still say “preparing for shipment.” Can you provide an update? Thank you!


These are getting pushed in the bestsellers, which Amazon needs to take more care.

The headphones are the same as on Amazon here: Headphones Review 1
And here: Headphones Review 2
And here: Headphones Review 3

The common theme of the reviews is that the headphones have a myriad of problems. Additionally, the price ranges from $11 - $25.


Yeah, I can see it on my end as well. Could you please contact Woot Customer Service? They can look into it for you.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.


The link didn’t work on my phone, but before I tried on my computer, it now says shipped. Thank you TT. You are always the B - E - S - T ! !


But, back then they had fun write-ups that were honest when there was crap. The write-ups were worth the visit every day. Now it is just boring. And the crappiness is hidden.


what brand is this? i can’t even find it anywhere


At least I am in not the only idiot to buy this product. And at least I am in good company.

Here is where the BS began

Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Charging Case
$19.99 $129.99 85% off List Price

I was stupid enough to believe and trust Woot. What friggin List?? where?

Back in the good Ol Woot days, I didn’t have to double price check them. I have spent maybe not more money$$ than anyone on Woot, but I am pretty sure I have spent way into the thousands just this year. It may be time for me to find a more reputable site to buy discounted crap. :slight_smile:


I just saw these on Amazon for $12 … presumably the are the same. https://www.amazon.com/Hcdo-Bluetooth-Headphones-Wireless-Headphones-Earpieces/dp/B07HK57281

I guess these must be cheap knock-off of the real thing. Not sure how they perform.


Pure Garbage. Broke and they dont replace


Try this:



Because it’s not worth the hassle for most over a measly $20. Nobody expected a pair of Beats and just took the L and moved on.


Hey Woot why do you continue to sell these with ALL these bad reviews? Do you care about what your selling your customers?


I understand that many don’t like these headphones. However, despite the mostly negative comments here, the returns/refunds and complaints versus the number we sold are way less than 1%. We’ve sold almost 20K of these and even if every post here was a complaint (they’re not all complaints), that would be .3%.

Many people are happy with their $20 headphones but not coming back to post.


Do not buy this product. I bought this for my son for Christmas and was embarrassed at how bad they actually are. Only one AirBud worked and the sound in the side that worked was only marginally better than that of a transistor radio. I have emailed to return, but when I clicked on the “click here” button, the next page that popped up said that this item was no longer eligible for a refund and I am well under the 30 day purchase threshold. We’ll see what happens. Hope that it’s not true or my wooting days are OVER.