Wireless In-Ear Headphones w/ Case

Wireless In-Ear Headphones w/ Case

Threads for the last two times that this was sold:

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Has anyone purchased these before? Any feedback?

Never mind

Do not fall for the cheap price. these are junk. I bought 3 sets around the holidays, got around to using the first in April. They lasted a week and then wouldn’t connect. The 2nd set lasted 2 weeks, same problem. The 3rd wouldn’t connect at all. I was outside the warranty period, so $60 down the drain. Seriously, garbage.


The sound is ok if you are listening to music. If you use them as hands free with your iPhone, whoever you are speaking to can hardly hear you and you are muffled or garbled.

I bought my 2nd pair - it’s to keep my 13 year old from expecting $150 AirPods. I’ve a inexpensive on ear Bluetooth headset for my iPad myself. My wife is getting the AirPods. Everyone is reasonably happy.

I’ve been very happy with mine. Though not great for taking phone calls, they are great for listening to music, and the price is right!

They are just barely ok for listening to music. The audio quality is distorted. If you’re in a environment where there are lots of other Bluetooth devices the audio quality gets even worse. The Bluetooth radio transceivers must be of exceptionally poor quality.

For phone calls they are 100% worthless. I’ve never had a call where the other person could understand me.

Pretty much crap. They live in my suitcase as a backup Bluetooth listening device. Probably give them to my nephew.

Has anyone else found that the left and right channels are reversed?

I bought these for myself last Christmas and they never worked. Woot.com never would respond to my emails, so don’t fall for the 90 day return “guarantee” this website baits you with.

These are junk. Pass them by unless you want to try the will-they-work-or-not-lottery (odds are against you it appears based on these comments).

Did you ever check your spam?

Hey there, it looks like you purchased these last August and you contacted us in October and we issued a full refund for the defective headphones. If you are not seeing our email replies in your inbox, make sure to check your junk or spam folder.