Wireless In-Ear Headphones with Charging Case

Anybody know who makes these or any info on this specific make/model?

I hate to say. This a terrible product. They are cheap and will break as soon as you get them. Would like to see woot remove them

I would also like to know this information…but they look pretty identical to these:
On Amazon

I want to buy these, but hate not seeing a brand or any type of reviews. The last style Woot! had listed had horrible reviews on the mothership and through these forums.

Generic garbage. Don’t waste your money.

That would take some effort to create wireless ear buds that drops connections even worse than Apple…

Less then an hour of play time, but they are useless to talk with, and as a bonus are super uncomfortable.

I have to alternate which bud to listen to because they hold a charge for about 30 minutes max

Mine held a charge for about a minute, woot issued a full refund though.

Complete and utter garbage. They will not hold a charge (last use, only my third time to use them, they lasted 12 min.). They are much larger than Apple’s, and the blinking lights make you appear like some kind of android freak.

future BOC filler. spellcheck. its a thing.

It’s hard to tell exactly which brand headphones these are. I did a Google image search for each of the images and it brings up two or three different brands that use the same images.

It’s likely that they are all made by the same manufacturer then sold to companies to slap their label on.The rating on every brand and version of this is crap (not good Woot crap) but junk and the regular price on other sites is about 15 bucks!


Woot, stop this BS - these are conplete garbage. They are separate devices and do not work as a pair. They break inmediately. I wasted $40 on these horrible piles of trash.

These were terrible. They didn’t work together without an echo no matter where I held the phone. Using one alone can work if all you need is an ear-piece. The battery life was 2 hours at the most.

I’ve been a Wooster since 2007. Until several years ago, I shopped with very high confidence that essentially everything that woot offered was of good quality and value. That has changed significantly over recent years (err…uhh…since Mr Bezo’s little company ingested it perhaps? ). Now, shopping requires careful navigation to avoid the plethora of inferior products with ridiculously exaggerated “retail price”. This item seems to fit that scenario perfectly. Shame on you, Woot! And now we’re suckered into signing in to amazon in order to save the 5$ fee? Why shop here at all then?

I bought these off woot about two weeks ago. Yesterday, one of the earpieces stuck in the charging case as I was trying to remove it. I can look down into the case and see the end along with a strand of wire that once charged then.

They are not worth repairing. Do not waste your money on these.

Junk don’t buy!! Got it last week already broken

Apple envy everywhere. Disgusting really. Appple Airpods are incredible. Perhaps there are people who are so clueless they can not operate them. But to act like they are not the finest on the market is simply cluelessness.

come on Woot…do you even read these reviews? After checking them I sure as heck am not going to buy these earphones, and it even makes me wonder if I should buy anything else on your site!
Read the reviews…look at the return/exchange statistics and yank the product…it’s not rocket science.