Wireless IP Network Surveillance Camera

I purchased the pipcam5 about 4 months ago. When it was working it did the job it was supposed to. The audio portion didn’t work so great but who knows is that was my connection. Sadly, it didn’t last. It’s been DOA for a while Now. It didn’t last 3 months

Hey everybody,
This is Ryan with Pyle.

Just wanted to let you know we have a full FAQ/ Resource center for the cameras here

I would encourage you to check out our amazon listing to see the differences between the different PIPCAM models available.

Happy to answer questions for anyone!
Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Sorry to hear about the bad camera. Did you take advantage of our 1 year manufacturer’s warranty yet? I would be happy to get the camera exchanged for you. Reach out so I can help!

For goodness sakes, DO NOT BUY THESE. I bought 4 and sent them back repeatedly. they NEVER EVER fixed them correctly. I shipped them back to the company and received a nasty phone call asking me what they wanted me to do with them. He was so rude, I told him. The biggest waste of money. Ever. Do not buy.

If you sent that many back I am guessing you may have had PIPCAM5 or PIPCAM8 cameras from one of our early shipments. We have since corrected the problematic firmware with all the new cameras on the market.

I sincerely apologize for our negative experience with my company and would be happy to help make up for it the best I can.

Please reach out!
Ryan P