Wireless IP Pan/Tilt Surveillance Camera

I bought the PIPCAM25 last time it was on Woot and the power adapter stopped working after 2 weeks of use. Have to try and replace that if I want to use it again.

Does it record the audio also or just video? 2 way audio capability?

I don’t see any mention of any audio capability. I wouldn’t count on audio with this model.

I think that’s only the Pipcam5 version.

Well so far I’m enjoying the camera, though it has been one day. My son likes to steal food from the kitchen, so we bought this as a deterrent to keep him from doing so. The cold, dead glare of the digital lens is always staring down upon him now…

Holy cow, this thing is absolute crap, even at this price. It arrived, I plugged it in, and it was a disappointment from start to finish. The picture quality is abysmal, the apps are horrendous, and documentation is sparse. Steer a wide path around this one!

Don’t buy this, its a cheap knock off and the quality and user interface is awful. The listing also exaggerates its ability.