Wireless LED Step Light

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Wireless LED Step Light
$7.99 + $5 Standard Shipping
Condition: New

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This would be more impressive if it plugged into the wall…

Wow. Head towards the light!

then it wouldn’t be wireless

Bring back the band aids! Lol

whats the probability of a sled load of C Batteries?

or at least took AA’s

I think that’s the point… you can place it anywhere and have light. ie: a stairwell

“Requires 3 C-cell alkaline batteries (not included)”

I can barely find AA/AAA’s around my house.

If it took AA or AAA, I’d be all over it. Also lights that include a good adhesive instead of brackets are great for apartments.

Why the hell can’t woot just say battery powered? When did battery powered become wireless? Its all marketing to make it sound more impressive.

3 C-Cell Batteries… REALLY?

Would people be terribly upset if I asked if there had been a BoC while I was gone…? I’ve missed the past ten hours, and my phone is rather slow trying to load the pages of all the items posted…

I betcha it’s got some wires in it.

Whatever. My wireless flashlight is awesome.

Very very!.. no not really and nope no BoC yet

No BOC yet.

Here: C Alkaline Batteries 8-Pack

Oh good! …except now I have to be offline for another two hours D: