Wireless Remote Control Outlet (5-Pack)

Wireless Remote Control Outlet (5-Pack)

Theirs is a look that says, “I’ve seen things…”.

These things are massively hackable with NodeMCU (ESP8266) to create a web page to turn stuff on/off, and also using something like Home Assistant for whole home automation. I have 15-20 of them around my house for stupid-simple home automation.

So it sounds like natively, they don’t have a web app or software to run them, just the remotes, correct? How easy are they for your neighbor or the nerd across the street to hack? Obviously I am new to the “internet of things” and home automation.

Hhmmm…Is this, basically, modern day X-10 equipment?

If your neighbor was close enough, technically savvy (advanced mode), and slightly motivated, easy… but all he could do is turn off a lamp or coffee maker.

You need to build and hack together (in a good way) the web-based brains behind it. Now is the perfect time to get interested in smarthome/IoT!

This isn’t too X-10-y, it’s more like a smart Clapper!

Great overview here, but if you search “NodeMCU remote outlet” you’ll find many other ways to skin that cat. Good luck!