Wireless Speakers

Palo Alto does conversion of ultra low bandwidth bluetooth? And it doesn’t even utilize aptX to extract a little more quality out of the source?

Has anyone bought one of the CHT935BT Jukeboxes? I see them all over on eBay, Amazon, other sites, etc - but not a single review… Other Craig stereos seem to have decent reviews, so I’m thinking this is a safe buy, but…

I’m looking at getting the soundpop just don’t know if its really worth $17.

Shame I just bought one! These are really good prices!!

the reviews on amazon say they last about 4 months.

I’ve got one… think I got it for $12. Its been worth the price for me. Use it outside on the patio, and my son likes to stick it on the tub wall when he takes a shower. Have had it for about a year and it still works as good as it did when I got it. Sound isn’t phenomenal, actually it isn’t a whole lot louder than my phone’s speaker… but it is much clearer with more bass.

so…wondering what the measurments are for this…

Which ‘this’ are you asking about? Also, be sure to check the specs tab, as you should find dimensions listed there.