Wisdom Craps


Wisdom Craps
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Jan 21 to Thursday, Jan 22) + transit
Condition: Really Crappy


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Wow, this is pretty much impossible to get. I was as fast as I humanly could be and still got sold out.

Crap I am just not fast enough today apparently. By the time I get past the first button, the bar already says 10%, and it’s sold out by the second button.

what was there only one of these? that was insanely quick

wisdom craps…is that a classy brain fart?

Did Woot lower the account time out setting!? I was just logged in, and ready to click… I click, get the BOC in cart, and then I have to login…

Too late, too bad, so sad…

This crap drives me NUTS!!!


Missed it again…

L@me. Sold out in 5 seconds. I’m out.

Wow. Are they only selling 10 at a time or something?

That went straight to sold-out!

I got all the way to check out, and process, and I got the dreaded “Something went wrong with our server” error. CRAP.

Again, I’m getting too delayed at the login screen :frowning:

This is just starting to feel mean :frowning:

Once I got to my cart to finish checkout it was sold out. And I logged in recently enough so i didn’t have to login…

I am just here to see who missed the price increase. :slight_smile:

I had it added to cart, but when I went to check out - I hit the button and it did nothing. Had to click twice, and I knew it was done from there

I hit the “i want one” button and directed me to a random BOC page that said sold out, when i hit to go back to the main woot page it showed 50% still available and i hit it again and got sent to the same page. What gives?

I have to wonder how many there were… I am thinking 10?

They went very very quickly. at 40% when it came up, and it was sold out when I added it to my cart.

Ah well.

Congrats to those who got them!

I guess this is a good way to keep people watching their horrible sale throughout the day with 1-2 bags of shit available every other item… Great sale Amaz…err Woot!

All have been that fast today. Most of the time it sold out before my page refreshed