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Finally, a way to tell who the father is without Maury.

More info and instructions on the Product Page

you are NOT the father.

Gives new meaning to “Who S@#$%ed the pooch”

This is awesome! We know our dog is part Corgi, but not sure what the other half is. Very odd for a Home offering, but it’s not a home without a dog, right?

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Let’s watch the test in action [youtube=3-30poF7N7U][/youtube]

Is this in the ‘home’ section because dogs are a part of your home? Or?

I used the first version on the runt from a litter of puppies I fostered. The mother was a short, stocky staffie mix and I had found her running stray. The litter is tall except for the runt who looks like a stocky boxer/pit mix. Their coloring was all generic pit/staffie.

I tested the runt and have to say I think the results nailed it. It found Boxer/Rottweiller in a grandparent. The three bigger dogs got the Rottie body and legs.

Here’s a pic of the litter:

They’ve added many more breeds since I used the test. I may have to buy another because my latest foster litter is another mystery. Momma is a Jack Russell Terrier mix. None of the puppies are white like her and the runt looks like a tiny dachshund. Genetics are so interesting!

These things are fun (and I’ve done this exact test), but please remember that nothing is 100% accurate and don’t take the results to heart. It’s a fun way to see if your guesses might be right, but there’s also a chance that the results can be skewed (or that your dog might look like something but test as something else).

I tested my little brown dog a few months ago and she came back mutt/whippet mixed with GSD/mastiff. But she has the looks, instincts, drive, and personality (and has been registered through United Kennel Club) as a purebred Kelpie. This is the picture I sent in to UKC to get her registered:


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She’s got the ears of the whippet (but also Kelpie ears that just didn’t stand up all the way) and the herding instincts of a GSD (though Kelpies are also herding dogs), but other than that I found the test kind of a joke. Mastiff? Really? She weighs 38 pounds and is fairly thin boned and has zero mastiff tendencies. The shelter I rescued her from had her listed as a Rottweiler/GSD mix - and I told everybody that that idea was kind of a joke. I DO have a Rottweiler/GSD mix and she looks nothing like this little brown dog here. Totally different personality, too!

My bosses also tested all four of their dogs with the same test and had some pretty whack results as well. Since all four of their pups are total mutts, it was interesting to see what they came up as, but, again, nobody took the results to heart.

Wisdom Panel includes a little section on each determined breed and tells you to use it as a “training tool” when doing training or activities with your dog - that part is the biggest joke of all and please don’t think that just because your dog has part GSD you have to train it like one - each dog, especially mixed breeds, are totally individuals and learn in their own way. Find a reputable trainer that you enjoy working with and they will likely help you work with your dog on an individual basis.

But if you’ve got a Heinz 57 and just looking to do something kind of fun for your pet (it really is kind of exciting waiting for the results and reading them when they first get published), buy one. I don’t regret doing it, and maybe I’ll do a re-test in the future to see if I get the same results.

I got one of these kits a year ago, when I adopted a rescue – obviously part, but not all, poodle. Turns out she’s a Choodle – purebred miniature poodle for three generations on one side, and purebred chihuahua back three generations on the other. Worth every penny to satisfy the question “what kind of dog is that?”

Hard to tell exact size from a picture, but your pup has the body shape/structure (and those ears!) of a cattle dog or a Kelpie. Kelpies come in black and tan and the cattle dogs are mottled like the speckles she has on her muzzle and legs. I don’t see anything outright just on her physical appearance from that picture that screams Corgi to me, but sometimes they don’t always look like what they are.

Would be interesting to see your results if you do get the test!

We did it through the vet, and here is our mostly lhasa apso, according to the results


I did this test early last year on my dog who I thought was 100% American Staffordshire Terrier. She was big for a staffie though, and little kids always thought she was an American Bulldog. I never saw bulldog in her until her face got swollen from a bee sting.

13 days later, I got her results back: 50% American Staffordshire Terrier and 50% American Bulldog! It explained why was so big for a staffie; she was actually small for a bulldog.

We have another dog now, and despite everyone thinking he was a mini Border Collie or Australian Shepherd, he came back as 25% Miniature Pinscher, 25% Chihuahua (long-hair I assume), and the rest is a mixed bag. I’m sure it’s not 100% accurate, but it is fun nonetheless. You can’t really tell in the picture, but he definitely has facial features and a tail like a long-haired chihuahua, but he also has tall skinny legs and the weird, hackney gait that minpins have.

Here’s a pie chart I had made using Jake’s results:



Might as well share Penny’s results too:



I wouldn’t get too excited about this. Three years ago I had this test run on a dog known to be half German shepherd and at least one-fourth (and possibly half) great Dane; the results came back as basset hound and Alaskan Malamute. I suspect they need another decade or so to build their breed DNA database and nail down the breed-specific markers.

Surprised you needed a test to verify the obvious.

We tried one of these on our little grey poodle mix, and the results came back as half poodle, 1/4 german shorthair pointer, and a variety of other things including chow. I’m more inclined to go with half poodle, half schnauzer myself…fun to try, but the results were somewhat less than believeable.

So this doggy DNA test will forever negate the old claim, “I never touched the b*tch!”