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Let’s watch the test in action [youtube=3-30poF7N7U][/youtube]

Breed identification? or to find out who the father is of the 8 puppies…On the next Maury! :smiley:

Bitch, I ain’t yo baby daddy.

I got this last time and even with low expectations I was disappointed. Basically I knew I had a German Shepherd mix and I was hoping the kit would tell me what the “mix” part is, or at least point me in the right direction. Instead it just said “German Shepherd” for one parent and a giant question mark (literally, a picture of a question mark) for the other parent. It then listed a bunch of other breeds that it said “didn’t meet the minimum threshold for significance”. Thanks a lot! Save your money, buy your dog a bone and yourself a sandwich - that way you’ll both actually get something out of your $.

Thank you, I was wondering.

People who fall for this gimmick don’t belong on a wisdom panel.

Very interesting fact:

Mars Veterinary is a division of Mars® Incorporated

Really? That’s so disappointing. I have been wanting to do this forever, and almost jumped in for two. I’d be pissed if I got paperwork back with a giant question mark.

Solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at skymall.com

Let’s read some comments from when @wisdompanel chimed in last sale

I just ordered one of these off eBay for 64 they are 90 in petsmart. We have a shelter dog who is two and me and the wife are hoping this will give some info for any health risk that may be in his future. I just wish this would have been on here 2 days ago.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. No offense to WOOT. This is a garbage test. We had our dog tested wanting to know the father. We had papers on the mother, a pure bred border collie. Our dog looks like a border collie and has a trait unique to border collies. The results?

Scottish Terrier mix on one side.
Dachshund / Pomerian mix on the other. The next 5 breeds listed were: Black Russian Terrier, Curly Coated Retriever, Akita, German Spitz and Chinese Shar-pei. No mention of Border Collie anywhere. Copy available for proof.


These tests are limited, but they can still be useful. I did a test with my dog and it came back Chow, which was obvious, and Shar Pei, which was not at all obvious (but which I now see as true). But, like yours, it also had a question mark… I assumed she had German shepherd in her, and still suspect she does (or some sort of large non-German shepherd). So… it’s not useless, just maybe not ready for prime time.

This is bogus. I waited for a couple years to test my mixed breed guy, hoping they would have lots of breeds by the time I tested. My dog is light reddish tan & mostly white, very long hair & tail, & weighs about 63 lbs. He came back as lots of question marks for recent generations, but strong lines of bulldog and some smaller skinny short-haired retriever-like dog. He displays pretty much 0% of the traits of the breeds they came up with.

I don’t recommend this at all.

I did a DNA test on my rescue dog from BioPet Vet Labs that I purchased from Petco several years ago. The results were terrific, giving me percentages of the top 4 breeds and traits of each. It was right on the mark! I’d recommend getting that test if it’s still available!

The reason for all the poor results (re: previous posts) is because this is a cheek swab test, from a company with a very LIMITED (despite what they claim) database.

Get the BLOOD test done for DNA breed determination. Its accuracy is immensely higher. Any veterinarian can draw the blood and submit it for you.

Arrrrf. Will this be tellin me the cut of me salty sea dog’s jib?

I bought this last time and was happy with the results. We have 2 dogs, one is a clear classic Beagle, the other looked like a beagle but with coloring I never saw and a rougher fur then any beagle I’d ever petted. DNA test came back, he is 100% Beagle but a US “Field” Beagle rather than a US “Show” Beagle like I had been used to. Makes sense as this beagle came from a farm and has a much stronger hunting/tracking/howling instinct than the show beagle.