Wise 1-Month Emergency Food Supply


oh. i had planned on eating nothing but potato chips for a month and thought this was gonna be my ticket.

I’d rather live on chips. But I’d rather live on chips, even if I had full access to a kitchen and a gourmet chef.

Two servings at day, at between 180-250 calories per serving, is great for weight loss. Actually, at only 500 calories per day (max), this is pretty good for starvation. But if it was this or family members, I guess this would be preferable. Well, I do have that one cousin I can’t stand… he’d be first actually.

A lot of negative reviews for this on amazon. Labeling everything with serving size doesn’t mean anything, how many lbs and or calories / carbs?

There’s a basic problem here. What a lot people don’t understand, is that each of these packages serves four. That means you’re open up a package, make it, and now you have four servings of that dish. Essentially the same as buying a pack of noodle helper from the store with freeze dried veggies in it. So if you think, that this is serving one person for a month at two meals a day, remember that two days in a row that person is eating the same dish four times. We have bought these sets for our family. For a family, especially camping, they’re great. Some very tasty, some not so much.

There’s a photo of the nutrition labels with the info you are looking for. You can click on the image to zoom in.