Wise 148-Serving Essential Preparedness Solution

I’m really tempted to get something like this for the office so I can have quick and easy lunches available. It’s a shame, though, that 40 of the 148 servings are whey milk and orange drink rather than food. To me those are essentially a waste.

You can probably buy the entrees separately on the manufacturer’s website. But in an emergency, when the water available might not necessarily be the best quality, a little flavoring can go a long way.

Most items are HORRIBLY high in sodium.

If you ever have the need to open the container, the last thing on your mind will be the sodium content. This is an emergency food supply, if opened, you have much better things to worry about.

Should you ever be in an emergency situation, high sodium content might not be a bad thing. If clean water is scarce, it might be helpful as sodium makes your body retain fluids.

I don’t know about “HORRIBLY”, but if sodium is an issue for you, go for the white box. Its advertised as having less sodium.

Even if you remove the drink servings (milk and orange), you still have 108 servings of meals and snacks, which still comes out to less than $1 per serving. I just don’t see how you lose at eating for less that $1/meal, or $2/meal if you have a pudding for desert. Eating off one of these boxes actually sounds like a great way to save money!

A much bigger issue for how you’re thinking of using this is that each pouch contains 4 servings. So you would be eating 4 servings (and 4 times the calories, and 4 times the sodium) at each setting, or throwing some away.

These are really intended for a small family in a survival setting, versus an individual.

It’s hard to find ANY main course freezedried foods that are not. Then aga in, next time you go to the supermarket, pick up a can of soup, or even those little packets of seasoning (such as those for Crockpot meals) and you will see they too have off the chart sodium content. Sodium is as much of our foods as sugar (which there seems to now be a campaign to get away from using it so much) but I rather have a little more sodium then High Fructose corn syrup plastered as the nr 2 or 3rd ingredient and like someone else said, if you HAVE to pop the top and use these, the LAST thing on your mind will be how much sodium is in every bite.

But if I might offer just one suggestion to anyone buying these pick up the water pouches. Normally 64 pouches runs around the mid 20’s. Then you store these with your food for water needs. In my emergency bags, I keep the amount needed for each meal (normally 3 days worth of supplies) but also have the means to purify water for normal consumption. These pouches are good for 5 years in all kinds of conditions. So with a bucket of this stuff, add your water pouches, it’s a set and forget it for 5 years, then you need to replace your water pouches and sit things out for another 5 years, and so on. And if you have a cat, you buy kitty liter I assume. Keep the “bucket” that the litter comes in, wash it out really well and put your water pouches in that so these buckets can be stowed together and easy to transport, crush proof. You can toss in a little foldable stove and 1 cube of fuel per meal. I have found these are decent https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0057QD3V0/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but the fuel cubes smells like “fish”. Yep, the reddish ones have a fish smell, the white ones not so much. But using a small pot or mettle cup, one cube is more then enough to boil enough water to re-constitute one of these meals with enough left over for a warm/hot beverage. My main kit I have a butane stove with 2 small cans of fuel. But I wouldn’t want to burn either in a enclosed non-ventilate space. Funny the cubes don’t smell like fish when they are burning but just the same, keep them in a foodsaver bag or double layer ziplock bags LOL. Just my 2 cents.

Having been in an emergency situation last summer I think that having water on hand is well worth having for anyone.

It was critically short initially in our area and it wasn’t until the National Guard came in on ATV’s that there was any sort of distribution.

Roads were impassible and had subsided in dozens of places and there was no way of going anywhere in the first days.

I have a back yard well which I reopened but if you don’t have that then rehydrating anything becomes problematic.

Plain water (if you have it) gets boring really quickly so any sort of juice mix or flavor will be very welcome.

For the office perhaps it’s not needed so much but if you’re thinking of getting it for your home then it’s worth having.

No tap water for a month, no electric for a week, no phone or Internet for three weeks, all give you a very different outlook on being prepared.

So, “no cooking necessary”… then how do you use the pancake mix???

Be Carefull! I spent over 260.00 last September and never received a thing.

Did you tell anyone?

That seems a little odd as everything sent by Woot is tracked so somebody somewhere knew where it went or not.

I have never asked Woot for my money back for a non-delivery (I haven’t had one) but I have asked Amazon for just that and I had no problem getting my money back as the item could not be replaced.

I find it hard to believe that Woot denied a refund for non-delivery and even if they had you could have disputed it through your CC company.

I’m really sorry to hear that? Did you contact Customer Service?

Please send me a private message with your order information. I want to help.

Sorry about the confusion! The pancakes do need to be cooked on a griddle, so we’ve removed the “no cooking” line from the description.