Wise 158-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Solution

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Wise 158-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Solution
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Sold out pretty fast. Must have what, 3? :wink:

I just bought one. No stock issues for me.

Just bought one as well.

What’s the shelf life on these?

Up to 25 years unopened.

Specs say “Up to 25-year shelf life unopened”

What I want to know is how long this is supposed to sustain someone in the event of an emergency. Most of the servings look to be pretty low calorically speaking. I guess you’d try to eat less calories in a disaster scenario, but even aiming for a conservative 1500 calories, by my estimation you’d need to eat 7-8 servings a day. So is this more or less a one month emergency supply? Would last maybe two weeks for two people in an emergency?

The total collapse of civilization is what it would take to get me to eat that much oatmeal.

Better than dying… I guess. Definitely would save those to the bitter end.

Only thing it didn’t include was the tin-foil hats. :frowning:

1500? That’s not conservative. 1/2 that would be enough for 90% of us to survive. Not fun, but still alive. At least you’d lose weight, right? :slight_smile:

I’m not really a prepper but I do like the idea of not dying due to a natural disaster or whatever may happen. What would be the minimum number of calories a person should be aiming to consume in an emergency situation?

Edit: USCG recommends 800 calories per day minimum apparently.

It’s a better bet that you’d never need something like this, but the possibility that you would is not as far-fetched as we’d all hope. I remember when it was unfathomable that a couple of jihadists could rearrange the NYC skyline.

Kind of depends of how active you will be. Obviously, USCG is telling you base calorie expenditure in a lifeboat. If you’re going to have to expend energy beyond laying around in a lifeboat (ie, carrying water to/from nearest source, clearing debris from a tornado/hurricane, or evacuating on foot, etc) you’ll need to add in additional calories to offset that.

That said, if you’re like me, you carry several weeks of emergency calories around your midsection everywhere you go. The biggest concern is having a source for water in an emergency. After a couple of days of no water you get pretty loopy, and another day later you’ve moved on to your next realm.

Mix the pudding with the oatmeal and is more tolerable.

Which one is more tolerable? The pudding or the oatmeal… :slight_smile:

Good golly that’s beige

Do these foods require heating?

No artificial colors, maybe?