Wise Company 112 Serving + Filter + First Aid Kit

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Wise Company 112 Serving + Filter + First Aid Kit
Price: $59.99
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chicken flavored and bacon flavored. no real meat. better deals elsewhere.

The description of this as a “1-month supply of food for 1 adult” is very misleading. The food itself is okay, not as good as Mountain House freeze dry but it’s perfectly edible. But there just isn’t enough of it. 40 of the “servings” are beverages, and each “serving” is only around 200 calories.

This entire kit contains 19,520 calories. That’s one to one and a half weeks of food, not a month’s worth.

For 59 bucks, good luck. A mountain house 5 days supply, 37 total servings with approximately 1,850 calories per day cheapest is 75 bucks, yes it has meat but still, not a bad price. That water purifier alone will ring up at 20bucks or more and it’s not a “filter”, it’s a purifier Wise food is pretty good (above fair) so if you want to stick something in your cabin, this box would be perfect but you are right, it’s not a month supply. Suppliment that with a couple of cans of chicken or beef from a place like http://beprepared.com/ and you will be set. Having sampled MH, Backpackers pantry, Wise, others, they are pretty good, just make sure you stock enough water for each meal (those water pouches (MainStay for example) work great and have a shelf life of 5 years or you can splurge, buy the canned water (about a buck a can) and not worry about it for up to 20+ years.

Longer than 1.5 weeks… more like 2-3 weeks of regular 1200-1500 calorie days. You are right though, trying to stretch this to one month means 650 calories per day. But in a survival situation, you can go without food for a couple days, or eat only once a day as long as you are not expending energy.

Also to note is the servings are packaged together. So there might be 4 servings in one package. If you plan to only eat one serving (because you are in an emergency situation and need to ration your food), storing the extra might be a problem. If you portion before you cook and then eat the remaining servings in the next few meals you should be fine.