Wise Company 124-Serving Food Bucket

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Wise Company 124-Serving Food Bucket
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What’s the date of manufacture?

Date of Manufacture: July 2018
25 year shelf life

How di these need ro be prepared?

You add water. For main entrees hot water is best.

Sounds like a lot, but really, it’d just last 4 days or so. They include butter and cream sauce as “servings.” Weak.

living in hurricane country, I always have 3 buckets of emergency rations on hand. not the greatest tasting stuff, but it’ll get you by.

Get yours now, only 45 days until Thanksgiving. Your family will love you. :slight_smile:

At 12,920 calories, total, that’s only 104 calories per “serving”. I presume, then, that the servings are not “meals”…a bit misleading.

Interesting, mostly carbs, and little to no meat.

I suppose you could stack some cans of tuna in with your bucket to add some protein.

Next time you’re at Wally World, investigate the camping section and Mountain House Freeze Dried foods. IMHO, the premiere freeze dried option for backpacking, which (also) involves involves high calrie burning… It’s a good idea to mix manufactures for variety and nutrition, so these are good add, but too little protean for main course, six days in a row…

You should sample “back packers pantry” if you thing MH is the best. But I agree, if you have to just pack and go FULL MEALS, MH seems to have the best variety. I think my stash has 5 or 6 different brands, including Wise. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d put wise around 6.5/7 at best. Some of the meals are just too bland. But it would you wise (pun intended) to buy a case of the SOS, MAINSTAY or other water pouches and estimate how much water you need to bring your freeze dried food back to life. You can get the pouches pretty cheap and t hey have a shelf life of 5 years. All my MEALS that are tagged for Grab-n-go (for any type of mandatory evac) contain water inside the bucket. Wouldn’t hurt to stop off at the dollar story and pick up a couple of LONG spoons too. I think the bulk of my food has come from BePreprepared.com 's brand called Emergency Essentials. I have sampled some of their veggies and meat. Pretty good stuff IMO. But no matter what freeze dried foods you get, the sodium content is going to send you through the roof. Even MRE’s can do it also. If you want to drop 3k on a machine, you can just freeze-dry your own stuff.