Wise Company 124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack

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Wise Company 124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack
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Have you ever asked yourself, why Wise?

Only one item freeze dried, the rest

How much water would be required to consume the entire contents of the bucket? Wouldn’t that be important to know? 44 servings of orange drink mix only leaves 80 servings food/dessert, enough for 20 servings each for a family of 4. Enough to last about a week.

Just in time for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!

Company endorsed by Laura Ingraham and Michael Savage…

If this isn’t playing to their base’s fear of the gub’mint coming to take away their rights, I don’t know what is. Better stock up before it’s too late!

How long till food expires?

We’re huddled in the corner because you didn’t read the features.

Extended Shelf Life - up to 25 years!

We’ll be back shortly.

Looking at the photos, 4 serving packages require 4 cups of water to prepare. So I’m assuming 124 cups of water for the whole shebang. Or roughly 8 gallons.

Is this Mac compatible?


Just think of all the FUN things we could do with this!

  1. Care package for your favorite tribute! (May the freeze dried goodies be ever in your favor)

  2. Start you very own survivor TV show! (No way you’re getting voted off, if you’ve got these babies)

  3. Live like a sophisticated grizzly Adams in the deeps woods for up to three months! (x3 for the serious wooter!)

  4. Play a real life version of FALLOUT! (Mutants not included)

  5. Play Global Thermonuclear War with W.O.P.R.(Until Dr. Falken comes home)

Bonus points if you store this with a pool noodle for a makeshift seat on the bucket. (What goes in must go out!)

I’d ask why this is in sports but I guess there really isn’t anywhere in particular to put it.

Yes, you can smash your Mac to bits by repeatedly hitting it with the full bucket. Please. Do. :tongue:

Let’s talk about the food stuffs, pls.

You dumped my comments but not the initial troll’s? :-/

Is this Mac compatible?

But it says mac and cheese right in the description.

I know it’s commissioned by the competition, but one study shows that after just 2 years there was 18% oxygen in the Wise packages which is nearly atmospheric amounts versus less than 1% in the Alpine Air samples.
Samples on Businesswire Report
Learn to Prepare website

Also, the calorie content is not representative of what a person needs to survive. Here is an interesting comparison on Amazon.
Well written Amazon Review

I think the only thing that would prevent me from buying though is the thought that when I open these that the oxygen is going to cause things to spoil early. I would never expect this to actually last 25 years.

Emergency food is cheaper at Costco. They don’t have 120 servings, but the 240 servings is less $ per serving.