Wise Company 124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack

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Wise Company 124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack
Price: $99.99
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I’m all about gathering around the table on the holiday, but Woot’s buyers have had very, very different Christmases from me, I guess.

Nothing says “Christmas” like a giant tub of freeze-dried doomsday chow.

This is perfect for Christmas on Chiron Beta Prime

Wise Company Selection

woot has been in survival mode for some time now…

Keep in mind that the mislead here is that of the incredible 124 Servings you are getting, (32 Servings are of Orange Delight Drink Mix and
12 Servings of Whey Milk Alternative. So I hope you and your family can survive om “TANG” and Why Milk “alternative”.Yum Yum “Whats for dinner tonite Mom? We are having Orange Delight Drink Mix and fried Whey Milk Alternative Lil Billy! Oh goody, my favorite!! Nobody makes Fried Whey Milk Alternative like you do Mom!(:”

I figure this would be a good thing to have around my house since I live only a few hundred feet from the Hayward Fault.

When the hordes of relatives descend upon your holiday abode, you’ll be glad to have this sitting next to your jump bag.

I can see that this would work for the zombie apocalypse, but would it also work for a C.H.U.D. apocalypse?

So this will still be good to use when Obama declares martial law, tries to take away everyone’s guns and eventually causes WWIII? :wink:

And whose fault is that?

44 servings of drink mix! Just a heads up, the bags are “4” servings (very small servings at that) so don’t expect when they say “8 servings”, that means two bags. So in an emergency situation when you eat these be ready to eat the entire pack as you won’t be able to refrigerate the leftovers. And like all of these packages, the serving size is very small - usually around 220 to 260 calories.

This is what they are serving in the FEMA camps that everyone in Texas got put into this summer.

drop the Orange Delight and it’s worth considering.
Now, and Afternoon Delight, now you’re talking.

I saw this ‘Movie’…I Get It!!