Wise Company 124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack

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Wise Company 124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack
Price: $99.99
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Condition: New


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Time to learn a bit more about Wise Company

This is a good buy if you have no emergency supplies as a starter kit.

The Wise company foods however are generally meatless, unlike many of the other companies; notice the foods descriptions and names:

Cheesy Lasagna

Savory Stroganoff

Good stuff, but no meat!

I forgot to add this is about a 2 week food supply for an adult, it’s a hard call because this particular “kit” I was unable to find on the WISE website, but judging by the contents I would say at least 2 weeks for an adult…

Whoops, Amazon shows it as a 7 day emergency supply!

Amazon also says “contains Real Meat”…

I know the Chili Mac has beef, but generally Wise makes meatless entrees!

Look at the calorie counts. Apple Cinnamon Cereal (180 cal) + Southwest Beans & Rice (260 cal) + Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup (180) = 620 calories. This plus 2 desserts & empty calories from the ‘beverage’ is barely enough for an adult to do nothing all day. Double the portions and cut in half how long it would last is more realistic. If used for camping just adjust how much you would need to take and decide if the deal is worth it. V/r

I bought this a while back. All around a good deal I thought.
I also added to our kit a SunPortX1 solar light &charger from www.CompactSolarDevices.com
It’s a fraction of the price of the big solar chargers and it does what you need in a small package.

What I need is something small (for travel) something that will power my small electrics ie…cellphone, batteries etc… something that gives me some light at night, lots of light! Something that I can just put out in the sun for the day to charge (no need to buy and replace batteries!).

Same as what anyone would need during a power outage at home.

Has anyone tasted this?

Woot, Thank you for showing the ingredients! :wink:

Ooh! This is exactly what I need for my Christmas dinner! Thanks! Too bad I didn’t have this for Thanksgiving. Maybe next year :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong,but isn’t everything in this set up to need to make all 8 servings at once? That would be kind of useless if you had less than 8 people with no way to refrigerate leftovers.

I am not sure about the 8 all at once theory, however the entree pouches do say 4 servings each, making this a valid concern.

How much does the bucket itself hold? Is it resuable? Durable?

$100 for $6 worth of pasta and granola,and $4 worth of freeze dried veggies and spices. Awesome deal.

When you’re surrounded by zombies and out of food, don’t come knocking on my door. :tongue: