Wise Company 124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack

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Wise Company 124-Serving Ultimate Preparedness Pack
Price: $99.99
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Perfect “snacks” for an extended campout at an Oregon wildness refuge. I always feel prepared to hold out for years with a couple of these in tow.

Ever ask, “why Wise?”

Comments from a previous offer

Beat me to it.

Can’t find nutritional information on the pudding anywhere, but the pack seems to come out to a bit under 20,000 calories total.

Do any of the kits that pop up on Woot ever have everything in single serve packets? This one at least has 4 serving packs but some kits have the different items in a single big pack, once you open it you are eating stroganoff for weeks :slight_smile:

Does anybody know how physically large this container is? I want to purchase, but I am afraid a 6ft x 6ft package is going to show up.

With each packet representing “4 servings” this has little use for me, unless the leftover 3 servings are for my dog.

According to Amazon: 16.3 x 12.3 x 10.4 inches

I’ve seen the bucket and that sounds about right.

at 20,000 calories(supposedly), at 2600 calories a day this works out to 7 days worth of food for one person.

anyone know how this compares to MREs?

It’s about the size of a cat litter bucket. And probably about as tasty.

I prefer to find smaller, less fit neighbors and “borrow” food from them. It’s a community bonding activity.

MREs are about 1250 calories a package. They bank on you eating 3 a day for about 3800 calories total. But that is under work load conditions, burning about the same.

Do you ship to bird sanctuaries?

Be sure to note that half of these packages were prepared in facilities that also had shellfish, nuts, and other allergens floating around. Apparently, allergic people are not supposed to survive the coming apocalypse. And if you keep kosher, start cooking now.

As long as it has an address that doesn’t break one of our shipping restrictions (bottom of the Features tab), you should be OK.

So how much water do I need on hand for this because you have to figure water for food, for drinking, for cleaning, etc if you’re prepping.

It looks like depending on the item and package size, the amount of water ranges from 3/4 cup to 4 cups per item.