Wise Company 132 Servings Ultimate Preparedness Kit

Wise Company 132 Servings Ultimate Preparedness Kit
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This is no good for me. Because for me, everything is a single serving. I could buy a 10-pound bag of M&Ms at Costco and finish them off before I got home.

Wise put up a 10% off/free shipping code, so the savings is $3 if you haven’t bought anything from Woot this month ($5 shipping), $8 if you have (I have, so I might buy this since no shipping costs the rest of the month):
They sell it at $119.99, 10% off is $108. The nutritional info is over there, too.

(addendum to moderator’s comment: I tried it, too. I took the code at face value. I’m not going to try calling them. I guess we assume for now the code does not work.
Oh, and most of their food is 30% fat or less (looks like the beef, egg, and sauces are the only things >30% fat: this kit has none of these).

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Plenty of Reviews over at HSN

Interesting note about the fat content. This is a survival kit for a disastrous event so I’m not sure fat content is going to be at the top of the list of concerns. Unless you’re a college student on a and this is going to be your weekly food supply. In that case I guess it come into play here.

To add to that… FAT is needed during stressful times. Not suggesting walking around gnawing on a slab of pork butt but these are what you said, FOR EMERGENCIES. If you want something that you can control the amount of fat, look at mountain house and other freezed dried foods. For example, I keep a 72 hour kit in my office. The highest fat is the scrambled eggs w/bacon. 19%. I would be a little more concerned about SODIUM content. And don’t just buy these to shove away in the closet till needed. Try a meal or two so you know how to prepare them properly. May I suggest you get a case of emergency water. Each pouch is 4oz, shelf life of 5 years and can even handle being in hot or freezing environments. Mainstay - http://www.amazon.com/Mainstay-Emergency-Drinking-Water-4-225/dp/B000GFJV7M/ref=sr_1_fkmr1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1461588760&sr=8-1-fkmr1&keywords=Mainstays®+60-Count+Emergency+Water+Packets

But if you want to spend more than 99 bucks at Cabelas, they have it for 22 bucks. Keep a case of these with your meals. You will need water to re-hydrate the food so these make a good companion.

So … Woot is carrying 2016 election preparedness kits now?

If fat is required during stressful times, I’m gonna be mighty popular during the zombie apocalypse.

What are the dimensions of the container in which they are stored?

The Screen Writers who put together this EPIC that goes along with the food did a superb job. The writing is first class and getting the cast from the original FACTS OF LIFE to play the different bags of food was smart.

I still can’t figure out why Matt Damon is standing over Mitt Romneys body in a pile of leaves.

Shipping dims are: 15” h x 12” w x 10”

Shouldn’t these be on apocalypse.woot.com?

whacht out for this and other companies. read http://learntoprepare.com/2012/07/fraud-exposed-regarding-preparedness-food-company-wise-foods-by-oregon-freeze-dry/

in the study it is shown that these do not last 25 years.

which is why i will not be buying a product which contains these levels of oxigen.

It is


Has anyone calculated how much water would be required to prepare all 132 servings?

Good question!

Wise Quality Control

About 8.25 gallons

When you think about it, if the emergency preparedness kit is the “ultimate”, it wasn’t very effective, was it?