Wise Company 132 Servings Ultimate Preparedness Kit

Wise Company 132 Servings Ultimate Preparedness Kit
Price: $89.99
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Likely asked before, but how many “servings” per pouch?

The image on the Chili Mac says 4 servings.

Note Price Drop!
Lots of Reviews over at HSN

This is repackaged MRE food. Those are the same ‘recipes’ they have in issued MREs. As in the lowest bidder food provided to the USG for individual field rations.

So what are you implying? That MRE’s are not decent meals for our military…and for the rest of us? How do you know for sure that these are the same as MRE’s? You have made a claim with no facts to back it up.

Thousands of us ate MRE’s after Hurricane Ivan. I liked them…a warm meal and the dessert was always a surprise!

We fed our children on those things for 3 weeks after Ivan. We had no power, grocery stores, gasoline during that time. We got the MREs and bags of ice at pick-up spots all over town. Can’t say I really enjoyed them but than again I remember the old C-rats. We gave out the left over ones with a bottle of water to the panhandlers around town.

Fun fact: Common knowledge says MRE stands for Meals Rejected by the Enemy.

Forgot to say we got 3 of these at the higher price. Not preppers but we do live in the Florida panhandle so when the next hurricane hits we’re not going without food.

Whenever I see “drink mix” in these kits adding to the total serving count, I can’t buy it and maintain self-respect. Come on, it’s just insulting to the intelligence. No, I’ll keep buying my Mointain House #10 cans. Yeah, they’re more expensive, but nowhere will you find “chicken flavored” or “orange delight drink mix”. They use real meat, and their stuff is freaking delicious.

I get it, but food is food especially during an emergency. Not to mention the all-in-one bucket is easier to move quickly than boxes of 10# cans. That said, they’re both legit. Mountain House is delicious. Wise, etc. are cheap. They’ll both fill you up with hot food and calories, though.

It’s always disappointing when they fill these with drink mix and pass it off as a meal.

Clarification from the vendor:
*Some of the pouches in this bucket configuration are actually 8 serving pouches or 12 serving pouches:
Yogurt- 8 serving pouches
Pudding- 8 serving pouches
Rice pilaf- 8 serving pouch
Whey milk -12 serving pouch
Orange Delight- 12 serving pouches

Everything else in this bucket will be in a 4 serving pouch.*