Wise Company 2 Gallon Wise Fire Bucket White

Wise Company 2 Gallon Wise Fire Bucket White
Price: $34.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, May 02 to Tuesday, May 03) + transit
Condition: New


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There’s a video on the Wise Company website.

They seriously trying to sell me a bucket of dirt to smother a fire?

Exactly the opposite.

A bucket of fire to smother a bucket of dirt?


They seriously trying to sell me a weird giant candle?

How many meals are in this bucket? The food looks kind of grainy.

I hate it when people don’t read the descriptions.

It’s not food, it’s 120 cups of boiling water!

ETA: And some fertilizer.

Very Vague. I assume it burns in the proper receptacle, replacing wood or charcoal??

Sweet! For $35 plus shipping I will be able to do what man has been able to do since the dawn of time. Can’t wait for the cave wall painting kit!

Compare this 2-gallon tub to a $3 8-pack of lightning nuggets or a other wilderness tinder kits, and i’d say a tub of flammable fertilizer sounds like great economy.

I couldn’t’ get the granuals to completely dissolve in my water The water was still hard to light and it never boiled.

Buying large amounts of flammable fertilizer sounds like a great way to get on an FBI watchlist.

Excellent point !!!

6 pounds of media to heat 2 gallons of water?..Whaaaaa?

I’ve looked all thru this and cannot fathom exactly why, or how, I would spend $32 on this thing (my to-the-door cost) and be happy that I did it. Am I supposed to light the bucket on fire? Remove the contents and set that on fire? Then do I boil water in this bucket (which looks to be plastic).

I’m quite happy with the $32 in my wallet, I’ll buy something useful like a bottle of scotch.

Won’t the plastic bucket melt when you put the contents on fire?

Oh one more thing, does it come in another color besides white?

Sorry, I tried to watch the video but had an epileptic seizure from the crappy production value and flashy logos so still didn’t get the point of this.

(I jest, but I don’t see how “floats in water” is the same as “water resistant”).