Wise Company 2 Gallon Wise Fire Bucket

Wise Company 2 Gallon Wise Fire Bucket
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What is this made of?
Lint from a drier?

Lint is very flammable, but I’m not sure they could collect enough of it to fill up all these buckets…

WiseFire 2-gallon bucket of fuel supply also doubles as a fire starter
Can boil approx. 120 cups of water
Grab and go emergency preparedness bucket
Burns easily in any kind of weather – wind, rain, snow or sleet
Earth-friendly recycled wood pellet formula
No harmful chemicals or vapors, totally safe to use
Lights instantly
No risk of unexpected flare-ups
Ash residue makes a natural fertilizer
Safe to store
Long shelf life of 25 years (store in cool, dry place for maximum life)
WiseFire makes the ideal choice when it comes to outdoor activities and emergency preparedness. This fire starter is the best that you can buy, the simple reason being that it is harmless and efficient. The fuel does not contain any toxic vapors or harmful chemicals, making it suitable for human use as well as benefits the environment. The fuel lights at the first instance and there is no risk of a fire or flare-up. It can be used in rain, snow, sleet or wind without the fire blowing out. The residue from the fire works as a natural fertilizer for the ground. It is completely safe to use. This 2-gallon bucket can boil up to 120 cups of water, making it convenient for long outings. Moreover, the fuel comes in a neat grab and go bucket that is easy to store and is lightweight too, It has a shelf life of 25 years if stored properly in a cool, dry place. With all these great features and benefits, any outdoor activity without the WiseFire pack would not be as comfortable. Stock up on this convenient fuel for who knows, an unexpected emergency could come up any time.