Wise Company 5-Day Survival Backpack

Wise Company 5-Day Survival Backpack

What is the expiration date on the food

  • Manufacture Date: October 2018
  • Shelf Life: 25 Years

32 servings out of 5 bags of food… how

Here’s the problem w/ these pouches. Each bag is not one serving but multiple servings so when you open it, you’ll need to parse out portions for each meal. The other thing is that I think these things are freeze dried so you’ll need to find another source of water. Do not use the water pouches because you’ll need that for drinking and it’s not enough.

And a warning about freeze dried food, you need to fully rehydrate the food or you’ll get a massive attack of gas.

Yes, for the food. The water is only good for 5 years.

But my kitties? i could never abandon them. Ever.

Also want to add that the number of water pouches is inadequate. It’s recommended that you have 2 emergency water pouches per day. And again, they are not for tea, coffee, food, etc.

So you’ll need at least 10 pouches just a drinking water if it’s a 5-day pack plus have water for the food.

That portable stove with those heating tabs. They won’t get that hot or go as long. My guess is you’ll need a couple tabled to get a cup or two boiling which means those tabs won’t last you 5 days. Esbit is the big name in those portable stoves. Coughlin also sells those round replacement fuel packs. And depending on the make and formula, they can reek of rotting fish.

Getting a proper pack set up can cost a bit but for me, this $48 wasted.