Wise Company 5 Day Survival Backpack

Wise Company 5 Day Survival Backpack

Any opinions on this? Don’t think we’d ever need it/them, I think we need one per person? Curious because my sister and BIL didn’t think they’d need anything like that, then they got hit by a tornado out of season.

How good are these, I don’t want to disparage the company just looking out for our family, would it be best to make our own larger one for four people, say in a rolling suitcase, large duffel bag or something?

Everything that comes up on semi-quick Google search seems to lead to a scammy looking site with a BUY NOW for only the cost of shipping type of thing or some variation, even for just a list one says. lol

IDK, any help is greatly appreciated, especially with resources to say a lists of what’s needed.

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Wise has been around for a while and opinions on their stuff is varied. As far as a “5 Day” pack, this is only a good start for the price (going for $75 on amazon right now). The main issue with almost all survival gear is the outlandish serving sizes. If you look at the fine print you’ll find that their serving sizes are something around 1/4-1/3 cup each. All in all, you’ll only get about half the calories per day an adult will need. Still, it is a good start at a good price but only maybe a 3-day bag-and that’s generous. I may get one despite the faults.

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About on par with Mountain House and others nutrition wise.

Not bad for hiking or back packing though.


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Thanks for all the replies, I was really late for bed and had to get some sleep, and I appreciate every one of your replies.

This kit only has 4 fuel tabs, so you’ll need to add more. You will need some sort of water container as well. The reviews say the bag has plenty of space for adding items. You will need matches. Matches are listed but I purchased a kit years ago (different manufacturer) and enclosed was a note stating that the matches had been removed due to postal regulations.

The main addition is knowledge —the kit is worthless if you don’t know how to use it. If you have never been camping, then plan at least one overnight in the woods or a primitive campground. Don’t add unnecessary items. Your pack should not weigh more than 25% of your weight). You don’t know what terrain you will be on—lighter is better.

I like that the bag is not labeled as a survival kit. Nothing says “rob me” in a disaster like a pack that says “survival kit” in large white letters. :slight_smile:


Nice tips. My family has gone camping and hunting since I was a baby. I don’t hunt anymore, for a couple of decades now actually, my dad and grandpa got sick and never started up again. I think we should go out a bit more but this is more for natural disaster situations tbh.

I understand the survival kit buzz words, so much stuff is scammy these days. We have the basics: water, canned food, and our camping supplies basically, we just want something in case we have to do something much longer if power is out and such. We have solar already covered for everything but extraneous items like fridges, HVAC, etc

Thanks for the reply!