Wise Company 56-Serving Grab & Go Bucket

Grab & Go? I can grab, but where the heck am I going to go???

LOL To your vacation bunker? The nuclear winters are so much milder underground in Arizona

The information on allergies in the specs tab does not match the details included in the Nutrition Facts images.

Could be very important to someone with Shellfish or Peanut allergies for the information to be correct.

“”“All the food you need for breakfast & dinner for 28 days for 1 person, or 1 week for 4 people!”""

200-300 calories per pouch. 2000 calories per day is 6-10 pouches per day. 54 pouches divided by the optimistic 6 pouches per day makes for only 9 person-days of food. That’s one person for 9 days or four people for 2 days.

That’s rather misleading.

Good catch. We removed the notes from the specs even though that was directly from the Wise site. :\

Wise foods has always grossly overstated how much you get. They equate 1 serving with 1 meal. Evidently they believe someone can survive on ~600 calories per day.

In a zombie apocalypse, you may have to ration your rations.

Just wanted to remind everyone that Wise company foods are garbage. http://foodassets.com/info/why-not-wise-foods.html

Thanks for this link!