Wise Company All In One Auto Kit with Emergency Food

Wise Company All In One Auto Kit with Emergency Food
Price: $39.99
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What are the expiration dates on the food?

Per the vendor, they have a 25-year shelf life.

And were they produced 20 years ago? or last month?

You just spec’ed the shelf life, not expiration date. Do you know the production date? From there, with the self life, we could figure out the answer.

In a HOT trunk, I doubt it would be too long.

Vendor confirms these were produced in the last 9 months.

The water in these kits are fine for the trunk. They have an approved shelf life of 5 years even in hot trunks. freeze dried food, as long as they stay in their sealed pouches, are about half their listed life w/exception to eggs. But regardless, as far as food goes, one should ROTATE your food every so often. If you build a “go” bag or shelter in place, put all food items in the CENTER of your bag. It will keep your food and water cooler. I have a winter load out and summer. When I change the clock, I change the bags contents. No need for battery operated warming gloves in August, right? In the winter, I carry MRE’s. Summer, freezedried and MAINSTAY food bar. I’ve seen bags with spam, Vienna (sic?) sauges, and crackers. There are many sites abound that can help you build a emergency bag for 25 bucks w/food for 10 days, that will keep in hot weather. But I would still change it out at least once a year. If you store those disposable water bottles in your car, you are asking for trouble later in life. FWIW…

Could I get some more info on the jumper cables? All it says is “premium”

Sweet! Thanks. Thats always the number 1 thing to know. I like picking up old MRE’s (I camp in the desert and like meals that don’t need water), but its always a crap shoot when MRE’s. Its often tough to find ones that were made in this decade.