Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack 104-Servings

Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack 104-Servings

Just make sure you know what you’re getting anytime you buy survival food. If it’s dehydrated or freeze dried, comes in mylar pouches, AND claims a 25 year shelf life, there’s no meat. That type of food uses TVP (textured vegetable protien) - a soy-based meat substitute.

To get long shelf life on meat, it has to be canned. Check out Yoder’s for canned meat to add to your supplies if you want to round out your food insurance.

Do these pouches actually heat the food as well?

The pouches do not heat the food.

So it looks like a survival package but in reality it’s freeze-dried breakfast, lunch and dinner for a family of four for two days. And some sauce and dried fruit. Seriously… one of each meal? For a total of four meals? If only I could grill up the shark that woot jumped so long ago…