Wise Company Freeze Dried Food Buckets

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Wise Company Freeze Dried Food Buckets
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Product photos don’t match the descriptions. Which is correct?

[MOD: Sale is fixed]

And as a bonus feature the bucket doubles as a portable commode!

F0r all you Doomsday Preppers, the world is coming to an end!! Time to select the menu!!

Why not just buy boxes of oatmeal packets, mac & cheese, and soup mix? Is that not prepper enough for you?

I’d also love to know Which is correct… photos or descriptions?

[MOD: Sale is fixed]

The 84 Serving Bucket * IS NOT * Gluten Free As You Have Labeled!!

** Attention Woot! **

For those with wheat allergies, gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, this could be dangerous to consume… yet Woot has the 84 serving specifically labeled as “gluten free.”

I checked the nutrition labels on the back of your photos, as well as those on the Wise Company website, and they all clearly say ** Wheat. **

Updated to note that Woot has updated the description and removed the words “Gluten Free.”

This is also very important for me to know as well. I would be very interested in freeze dried gluten free meals, but the picture seems to be different, as it says there is wheat in these products.

These wise food packs typically have a 25 year shelf life. Those boxes of mac and cheese and oatmeal maybe 2 years. So wouldn’t a 25 year shelf life make more sense?

Silly question: Do the individually packaged bags have a 25 year shelf life after the bucket seal is broken? (in other words: does the bucket have to remain sealed to achieve the 25 year life span?)

(I’m tired. How can I need a nap already???)

Isn’t it cruel how they put picture of real food on the containers? Imagine having to live off this after a cataclysm and seeing a reminder of what real food looks like all the time.

Sale has been fixed to reflect the correct contents of the 84 Serving bucket.

Thank you. Checking on this.

With a 25-year shelf life, it seems crazy to me not to have at least one of these and a case of water or two in a closet someplace.

If for nothing else than to not have to have to decide between eating cat food or venturing out among you fine folk if the sh** ever does hit the fan.

Anyone know the approximate date of manufacture on the 84 servings bucket?

Have tried a sample of these, kinda salty but if it’s all you had to live on, it’s not bad.

So, they require NO cooking?

Just add boiling water.