Wise Company Protein Package

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Wise Company Protein Package
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I assume the weights are in dehydrated form? 1.5-2.3 oz of meat is about half of a diet serving (3 oz is about a deck of cards), any idea what these end up being hydrated? I didn’t really see any reviews after a quick google either. Also, is this real meat or TVP?

How is this a deal, when Amazon has a better protein package with almost 3 times the quantity offered here…FOR $78 !!!


I don’t know if this bucket is the same as the one you linked, but that one is 8lbs of rice to 2lbs of meat, so that could be part of the cost difference? But yea, most likely Amazon is just trying to dump this bucket on woot…

Don’t you think the first thing woot employees would do before putting something up for sale and the first thing woot customers would do before buying something would be to check for it on amazon? I think almost all of the posted links to amazon wind up being for different products.

Here is a rehydration chart. Just to give you an idea. Note: this not from Wise…


Looks like the nutrition labels are wrong. A couple have 10g sugar but 0g total Carbohydrates. Are the sugars it? What else did they miss?

These are da-bomb for when the in-laws visit. Great way to limit the likelihood of future visits.