Wise Survival Bundle - Your Choice

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Wise Survival Bundle - Your Choice
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I got two of the backpack kits here last year, one for each of our vehicles. Zippers on both broke just when inspecting the contents, so they certainly wouldn’t hold up in any real-use scenario. The contents were okay, but you’d still want to add a few more things, another reason the backpacks won’t hold up.

I’d say the backpack isn’t even ‘toy’ quality: kids backpacks are better constructed. I moved the contents from mine into Yukon Outfitters bags, and added other useful stuff, too.

If you get the pack version, probably plan to transfer the goods to a real backpack or other form of go-bag. You can decide if it is a good value with that consideration. It might be. You decide.

I know similar deals to this one have been on woot before but could someone chime in on how these taste etc ? I’m planning on traveling in a small RV this spring/Summer in National Parks etc and onward. Was thinking that one of the 152 Servings might be nice to have just in case ?

You can look at the Wise website for the contents - https://www.wisefoodstorage.com/152-serving-ultimate-preparedness-solution.html If I was in your situation, I would put together my own kit. Since you’ll be in a car, you don’t necessarily need lightweight freeze dried food. Besides, looking at the list of items, there are really not that many “servings” that I would consider a meal. Many are drinks and deserts, and for actual meals, many of the servings are only 200-300 calories.

Remember, this is survival food. When all hell breaks loose and you are starving, this stuff will taste awesome (assuming you have water also). Comparing this to let’s say a Cracker Barrel or fixing your own from groceries - probably not fine dining.

I must have not been completely awake. I thought that this said Wife Survival Bundle. :sweat_smile:

“Pudding flakes or death!?” Death sounds healthier. I’m holding out for some nice radioactive roots. :wink:

My survival pack/plan is a couple bottles of champagne, My Wife, and driving to the local military base/target to watch the nukes coming in. #lastdatenight.

I keep quite a bit of “survival” food and packs on hand. Be prepared. I’ve been through a couple of hurricanes, and have had to rely on these packs for a few days. Tastes like “fine dining” when you are hurting, tired, and hungry.

I have bought several buckets of these,they are not known for their taste. Lots of salt. Backpackers Pantry is one of the best, but as been pointed out, when you are REALLY hungry…

I will second that. I have purchased single packs of frz dried food to test. Mountain House, Wise, Backpackers pantry, patriots pantry, etc. One thing they ALL have in common, SODIUM. So, salt isn’t something you will need but peper is nice to have. As far as prepping them, about the same. Make sure you do not put MORE water then it calls for or you end up with SOUP. I normally put a little less. You can always add a little more if the contents are too thick. I’d rate the tastes as being being about the same for all. Packpackers pantry seem to be a little more tasty whereas Mountain house seemed about the same, ( if it says HAM, you taste HAM). I like to see how much water it takes to re-hydrate the contents and I’ll toss in as much emergency water packs (5 year shelf life) that will fit so I have water at hand to prep the food. This is good if you plan on grapping some of these buckets to “bug out” rather it’s mother nature chasing you off or you just want to grab and go. Don’t forget some LONG spoons if you want to eat out of the bag. As stated before, these are emergency food(s). You can supplement it’s contents with other items such as freeze dried meats. Even canned meets have a long shelf life and if you can positively survive a sodium overdose, dice up some spam or danish ham, toss it in about half way through the prep stage and YUM!!!

I LIVE IN FL. and during HURRICANE season this year I told my wife I would grab one of these when they came up next. my ONE question is, they talk about the ANCILLARY stuff in the back pack, but its not mentioned in the big one. First AId, Stove, etc. The Big Bucket have any of this?

We backpack a lot and have tried a lot of different dehydrated meals in a bag. This brand has not tasted as good compared to the others in our experience. After a long day hiking with a 35lb pack, normally anything warm tastes good, but we brought the chicken dumpling one once (we got it on sale) and it was SO bad I couldn’t eat my portion. Of course, this is different than if we were in an apocalypse and that was ALL we had. But long story short(er), don’t take this with you on purpose.

Mountain House is one of our favorites (biscuits and gravy in a bag is our breakfast splurge). Yes they all have lots of sodium, but when you’re sweating a lot, you’re also losing a lot of sodium which can be harmful (muscle cramps, nausea, etc) so choose your food based on your activity. Sometimes we dehydrate our own ground beef and bring seasonings and tortillas. We also save all the single serving condiments from restaurants when we get excess, like salt, pepper, mustard, etc (Domino’s red chili pepper flake packets are awesome in just about everything). There are some really creative ideas out there that still taste awesome if you’re looking to save space in your RV. They just take a little more planning than meals in a bag :wink:

Not married, but was told by family/friends that there is no survival bundle for that. Once you say “I do”, you’ll need to build your own Life Survival Bundle!