Wish List in ShirtWoot?

Could you create a Wish List in ShirtWoot – or even just a “Save for Later” option like Amazon has?

The ShirtWoot items almost never expire, and if they do, they could just be marked “unavailable.” I’ve spent several rainy days scrolling though the fifty trillion shirts and then realizing I can’t justify spending the money right then. Then another day I can (or there’s a sale) and I don’t have my favorites saved.

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It’s on our own wish list. We’d love to see it too!


Create a shirt bookmark folder and save the links there? Decent workaround until the actual functionality exists.


Any thoughts on having a v neck offering vs just crew in your T-shirt range? I tend to wear tshirts under shirts for work and be nice to have it not as visible with a v. Plus just find crews too restricting.

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There’s lots of things we want to add but it takes time. Soooo, I don’t really have an answer. Maybe?

Wishlist is actually on my list of things I want to do.


Don’t you mean a wishlist is on your wishlist?

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And if we don’t get it done, I’ll have a shitlist too! :slight_smile:


I at least have a mostly REALISTIC wishlist.

I want my very own penguin.
I want to hang out with penguins (up close).
I want to see @garlishj wearing a penguin costume in a few streams (if not all).

I say mostly, because one of the things seems slightly harder to get.

(I’m not sure if I can arrange for a real penguin for my house.)

One of my favorite children’s books is My Penguin Osbert. There’s an aquarium in Gatlinburg TN where you can crawl under the penguin exhibit and pop up in the middle of them (encased in glass). I was pretty much nose to nose. It’s meant for kids, but I had to get in there.



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It’s a fantastic aquarium all around. We liked it so much we went through the whole place twice.

Oh, and I knew someone who went on a penguin cruise from South America. She got up close to lots of them. It was her lifelong dream.

Do you know what kind(s) she saw?

Oh, gosh, that was quite a few years ago. I’m pretty sure it was more than one kind and she had a bunch of great photos. But I can’t say I remember exactly which ones. She moved away from the area and we lost touch.

Awww. :frowning:

But at least she got to get close to penguins.

She was THRILLED!!

“bookmark” in woot=“wish list” in Amazon,i think

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