Wishful Thinking

I find the “dream vision” the t-rex has of himself more than just a little creepy. Something about the long, muscled arms is both funny and incredibly off-putting at the same time.

Next up, t-rex answering all those “enhance yourself” spam emails?

I’ve found myself in a similar predicament a time or two. If I could just… reach… a little… further…

Aww the version without the thought bubble was so much better. :frowning:

Came here to say this. Was really hoping to see it listed. Now, with the thought bubble? Nope. Bummed. :-/

No longer does he have a big head and tiny arms.

Wait, there’s a bubbleless version? I wanna buy that. :frowning:


It just occurred to me to wonder what the genie inside that lamp looks like.

A t-rex genie would have a similar problem where he couldn’t hover around with tiny arms crossed to look imposing…

Too bad he got on everybody’s bad side by eating people, otherwise they might have helped him. Karma.

T-rex wants tickets to the guns show. There. Someone had to say it.

I’m with bluejester though, the muscle arms figure both amuses and creeps me out. I might have bought the bubbleless but oh well, this one had more votes.

I like the thought bubble. I feel like it will save me a lot of time explaining to people what a T-rex would want with a magic lamp.

I am thinking of buying this and taking some sandpaper to it to erase both the thought bubble and the lamp. I like the idea of the solitary figure of a T-Rex with that slightly-demented grin and in that preposterous position, with no other symbols or figures there to impose a jokey explanation on what’s otherwise a perfectly lovely, perfectly absurd rendering.

I would have bought it in a second without the thought bubble. Who knows what he’s wishing for, it’s a mystery.

Have you done the sandpaper trick before? does it work well?

All he needs to do is bend at the knees, tilt his head up, and reach down with his claws. It’s all in the technique. Silly dinosaur.

I completely agree… I would buy this in a second without the bubble

bubble-less, bubble-less, bubble-less

Please offer the bubble-less version. The design does not need or benefit from that stupid “thought”
Did the designer really add that?

HATE the “dream vision” HATE it

…dang it, I assumed it’d be a cinch but then I went and tried out the technique on an old Woot shirt that’s seen better days and …no. The ink isn’t just on the surface, it penetrates down into the fibers. However, it is surprisingly easy to sand a hole into one’s t-shirt, if that’s something you ever want to attempt.

No dino tee for me today :frowning: