with a… HERRING!

It’s a Monty Python thing. That should be the only explanation necessary.

reads writeup

The game has changed AGAIN?
Are you SERIOUS?

The bottom text’s a bit superfluous, no?

MP references notwithstanding, I can say that an electric herring functions much better than an electric eel when it comes to cutting down trees.

A better color would have been Elderberry.

I’m kind of hoping that “This shirt tell the world” is attributable to Monty Python. I’d hate to think woot! had gone and wasted a typo.

You must cut down the mightiest tree in the forest…wiiiiiiiiith…a herring!

The (…) should be after the “with” not the “a”. Just sayin’.

I bet Roger the Shrubber would really dig this shirt.

I read that when McDonald’s very carefully set up the I’m Lovin’ It campaign. When it first came out, they would play the whole jingle: “Bada ba ba da… I’m lovin’ it.” Once the consumers were familiar with the song, McDonald’s stopped playing the second half of the jingle, so that after watching (or hearing) a McDonald’s commercial, the consumer was then “left hanging” to the point where they felt compelled to finish the jingle - which is, conveniently, in first person: “I’m lovin’ it.”

This shirt may have been a successful seller without the text… but WITH the text, it becomes an instant fellow-Monty-Pythonite-identifier. Just like Roger Rabbit was constitutionally unable to hear the “shave and a haircut” knock without responding “…two bits!”, any fan encountering this shirt is going to be hard pressed not to give the distinctive call given in the title of the shirt:

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiith… a herring!

Aww, only a few votes separated this shirt from 4th. Damn I’ve been waiting a long time for any of the derby shirts to tie… argh I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.

When you run it the engine goes icky icky icky icky kapang zoop boing.

Wow! I truly have to say I had given up hope. All the shirts that I was sure would come in before me hadn’t printed yet so I didn’t think I’d make it. Thanks to the fellow MP nerds for the love.

And sorry to Boots for leaving the dreaded 4th for her. I know that feeling too well.

Really shocked the collab shirt didn’t do better – that was a lot of fun.

At first I was thinking “What the carp…” Then I read your post and was all “Oh okay. Makes sense”.

Funny, but the shirt looks stupid.

Redesign = purchase

If I bought two shirts, could I wear one slightly higher so I get a 2-level effect with a little path through the middle?

Judging by the sales stats, this shirt is really popular with lumberjacks.

Excitedly: “Ni, ni, ni!”

I’ll be honest, I liked it and I didn’t even get the reference (I like Monty Python, but not THAT much).

It’s just such an asinine t-shirt, and I can only imagine the fun I’ll have watching people try to make sense of it.

That, and I like the choice of font.

In for one!