With four being the best, how would you rate the current season of "Falcon and the Winter Soldier?"

I didn’t know this was a thing. That being said I will rate it a 0 out of 4.

It’s much better than WandaVision so a 4/4 is pretty spot on.

Zero. That goes for the entire show.

As my “4” vote is a"1". Not so well.

Solid “meh” out of four so far, frankly.
Ep 1 involved such exciting things as “getting turns down for a bank loan,” and episode 2 wowed us with “high school romance featuring super chin and the ears.”
They sold it as a quirky buddy comedy with action, but so far it’s been drama drama whine drama BLM drama and Cap’n Derp’merica.
0/4 would not recommend.

Oh dear. Super-powered military dudes are truly the only reason to watch any show.

Comparatively (to WandaVision), I would rate what I’ve seen so far a 3; as a standalone, a 2.