Wizard Elevated Garden

Time to check out the product page

Wayfair has a couple of reviews

Looks straight out of Discworld.

Luggage, anyone?

Needs just a few more legs…

I only saw 1 review on Wayfair, there’s a couple more on Amazons site (http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00COGVAGG?pc_redir=1399501737&robot_redir=1). Does it come with the legs or not?

I purchased 2 of these a couple of weeks ago from a big box chain here in the midwest for $20 cheaper per item. They are VERY easy to assemble and seem rather sturdy. We haven’t planted anything in them yet but they look more than capable of handling basic vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, etc.) as long as you don’t overcrowd them. All the reviews I could find on them were generally positive.

looks like it does Not include the legs…

In the Box:

(1) Good Ideas Garden Wizard Elevated Garden
Potting Gravel
Owner’s Manual

Also comes with elevated pricing.

Looks like another clear example of bait and switch, which seems to be Woot’s theme now a days…

How can it be an Elevated Garden, when it’s on the ground?

The Amazon description specifically says is comes with legs.

well, one of the comments from Amazon…

"I got one of these from WOOT, also is Amazon. Anyway, thing came with NO legs. They told me too bad, make some. We will give you $20 back! Finally after a lot of complaining and sighting their own company policy they offered to take it back, to late the box was destroyed and nothing to return it in. Box arrived ok, I threw it away so the legs weren’t lost in shipping.

Just beware. I see in the comments leaking might be an issue too. Haven’t check mine yet.

If you have to make legs, 4 x 4 x 2 work.

Good luck……………"

Well- I ordered it anyway. I am just going to hope above hope that this comes with legs. And without a leak.

We’ve been shopping around for something just like this.

BEWARE! The “self-watering” claim is clearly a mystery to us. We, too, purchased two from a local retailer and couldn’t figure out how it could self-water when there were no holes in the basin. I called the manufacturer who sent me a picture (which I would post here, if I could) showing arrows pointing to two so-called holes (not visible in the picture). She said they were “pin-hole-size or even smaller.” I’m telling you…there are NO HOLES in either unit. There is standing water in both basins due to recent rain. Nothing is leaking out. I have another (old) self-watering container that works great. The bottom of the basin is corrugated with highs and lows that are about 1" deep with dime-size holes running along the top of all the ridges. Is it possible we actually got two defective models? I think not. This “self-watering” design is very poor, even if it DID have two “pin-size” holes… ALSO: I’ve emailed the customer service rep who sent the pictures and she hasn’t responded.

These will definitely include the plastic legs- we’re adding that to the sale right now. Apologies for the miscommunication, please contact support@woot.com if you do happen to end up with no legs and we can help!

These may not be miracle devices, with amazing self-watering properties (beyond pinholes that may or may not be present at all), but for those of us with little to no gardening area available - Can these be stacked? That would make for a terrific, space-saving gardening set!

In the darkness from stacking them, you can grow…MUSHROOMS!

It come with 4 legs

It comes with 4 legs

There are 4 legs included with each garden