Wizard vs Wizard

I spy two wizards!

Mad about the (wizard) boys ; )

So, one of these is obviously Gandalf, but I can’t recall seeing the darker-clothed wizard anywhere. Or are these generic wizards?

Gandalf is the wizard in gray. Saruman is the white wizard.

So ordering a hoodie before MAD Magazine orders a restraining order for Trade Mark infringement. For a humor magazine, those guys don’t have any when it comes to money.

They’re down to, what, quarterly publications? Seems like they’d want all the publicity they could get.

In other news Spy vs Spy has always been my favorite <3

I agree! Seeing this design brought such a pleasant shock of recognition to me… it’s been too long since I bought a MAD… thanks for the reminder! :slight_smile:

Rip off of Mad Magazine Spy vs Spy

Good to see more options and colors popping up lately. ::thumbs up::

Ahem. Parody.

Aye aye, Cap’n Obvious.

Does that make it a case of scry vs. scry?