Wizarding School

…and practicing in the meantime.

Colors look great and really set the mood for magic tinged with a little darkness.

So why is American Apparel listed, but not available in 3xl?

This would have been a sale for 2 shirts, but as it is, it’s a pass. :frowning:

Love the textures. Great job and congrats on the print, Omar!

Woot is out of stock on the blanks.

Yes, I fear this will continue on for a while. I hope not too too long, everyone is aware of and stressed by our stock issues.

Congrats to omarfeliciano! Great work!

Your letter is in the mail*.

*Theoretical school of magic, not responsible for loss of letters by mundane postal carriers.

Great shirt, great result!

Really nice tones on this one Omar, looks great!

Why is AA 3XL black out of stock for this shirt, but available for another black shirt?


Super design!

Amazing art Omar, Congrats!

How much larger (really) is the XL American Apparel than the L standard? And what is the comparison to the Anvil Large? Where are no returns and possibly OOS situations, one wants to pick right the first time. :slight_smile:

LOVE this shirt and want to order one now in preparation for my son to read HP in a couple years. :wink:

muggles gotta mugg

Looser in the chest by about 2" around, the same at the shoulders, much less constricting at the arm/armpits, longer length that stays longer, softer fabric that stays softer, and made in the USA.

ETA: My comparison pic from another thread is probably not that helpful. I’ll see about posting one later when I get back home.

My guess is that we just haven’t updated to reflect the lack of stock on that other tee. A lot of our stuff is frustratingly manual here, which is another reason why the stock issue is such a pain in the ass. I’ll check in regardless!

It may be a case of some leftover shelf stock too. Not everything in the catalog is DTG.

Thank you guys for making this possible. I always try to design shirts that I would love to wear myself, and this one was no exception. I’m a huge HP fan and, YES, I’m still waiting for my letter!

Please make these available in larger sizes, and in the other house colors! I’d be buying if you had Ravenclaw colors in women’s 2X…