We could use one of the Wizards to decipher the write up. :slight_smile:


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This is a secret message

We had twelve captains, but only six wizards?!?

Got mine!

This will be perfect for the Texas Pinball Festival next week!!

Maybe the one behind the curtain is on the back of the shirt?

Soooooo, the immediate take away I see is you need a long white beard to be a wizard? That’s what Mickey was missing. Beyond that your only other option is pinballing. OK then, guess since a beard’s not gonna happen I gotta get cracking at my pinball skillz.

Where is “The Student” and “The Crazy Old One” and “The One Behind the Curtain?”

At least you could post the good version.


So glad I’m not the only one Who get’s the reference lol

Next would be The Partridge Family in a pear tree.

Wondering where “The Computer” is…maybe only in the digital version?

Love the shirt.

Wish this included “The Wizzard”.

So, who is “The Great”? That’s the only one I don’t know.

I was really hoping this would ba a mashup of some kind of lizard and cheese wiz.

Oz the great and powerful.

When does Oz appear as a wizard with a tall, pointy hat and a crystal ball?

That’s Merlin, but who is the enchanter?