WMF 58-Piece 18/10 Flatware Set-2 Styles


The month where EVERYTHING happened.

Let me explain:

Jimmy and Craig are hanging out.

Brant and Lesley are having a baby. (Established in Dec, but still…)

Sylvia, Pam, and Rod’s love triangle is explained.

Nestoras is gone, and with him any deep, romantic intentions he had with Sylvia.

Phil and Danielle are going “official” (since they were already a “couple”)


Good for Lisa. Shame on Jimmy for being a part of all that nonsense… she not-so-specifically said that she was sick to death of guys treating her like meat. She practically confessed it to him when she started the job.

And what did she quit over? Comments about a Hot Meat Fork. (Twice.)



18/10 is the good stuff — 10% chromium nickel, which helps flatware retain its luster.

… come to think of it, Lisa could sue Ruttles for harassment. The comments that Maurice made just prior to her officially quitting were not only inappropriate, it was almost obscene.

Granted, Maurice would lose his job, and then he’d HAVE to publish his book. You know, for survival.

And these might just look lovely on a table next to This pressure cooker/pot!

What’s the savings? It’s not showing the retail price or the percentage of savings.

I think the List isn’t showing because we have two styles with two different List prices. Sorry.

Paid $30 more on this just a little over a month ago…and I’m pissed. Why such a drastic price drop and will you offer some kind of compensation for us suckers who got in the first round?

was it any good? I am thinking it did not sell out because it was either not that good or too pricey.

I spent $30 more for the Richmond set on home.woot exactly two weeks ago. It really is a beautiful, simple set, and they do appear to be of high-quality. The utensils aren’t the heaviest I’ve ever felt, but they do carry a moderate weight. I haven’t washed them or used them at the dinner table yet, but judging by feel and appearance alone, they’re better than anything else I’ve seen at this price point.

I’ve linked to a few photos showing the packaging and relative size of the utensils:

It’s upsetting that I paid more than today’s price since I haven’t even used them yet. I’m going to look into Woot!'s return policy.

Bought this last time it was on (Richmond). This is the MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I ever put in my mouth. And it’s not made in China… Great pieces: well balanced, beautiful finished, amazing box. If you have friends getting married, this is an awesome present :smiley:

Got one last round too. Yes, it sucks we paid 30$ more, but it was truly worthed then. I’m in for another: the most beautiful cutlery set I found in US (I’m European, and I have been pissed off for long not finding good cutlery in US: I was almost buying some in Europe and carry it in my next trip there).

Not sure about the savings, but this is a real deal, trust me. Got one last round for 149$ and LOVE it. WMF is very high end in Europe, and I couldn’t believe I could afford one. AWESOME set (I’ve got the Richmond).

Will these rust? The last 2 sets I’ve bought, both ‘name’ brand, get rust spots on them after washing a few times in the dishwasher. Very frustrating, and obviously something I’d like to avoid!

Are they shiny stainless or matte? Shiny would show every little scratch so clearly on such a plain style. Matte would conceal scratches more easily. Scratches happen - in the dishwash, the drawer - can’t avoid it. Also waterspots accentuated when there’s no pattern. So please say what these are.

From the last sale:

I have purchased 3 sets of cutlery so far on Woot, and I am very pleased with the quality. I am in for at least one more, possibly 2. I think I have a problem…

The one thing I would warn about is that these may mar your plates up, if you have everyday stoneware that’s white or ivory. My plates are marked with dark lines where the knife has been used, but the cheap set did that too. The heavier sets probably are worse because of the extra weight. Haven’t had any rust; water spots come off with a steel wool pad used lightly. Some light scratching might be buffed out with steel wool too. I hate it when stuff gets scratched but with everyday use you can’t prevent it.

I have never heard of WMF but if you Europeans say it’s a good brand, I’m in again.

Oh, another edit - looked on Amazon and an UGLY 50-piece set goes for $179.95. http://www.amazon.com/WMF-Manaos-Bistro-50-Piece-Flatware/dp/B0052PHKXS/ref=pd_sim_sbs_k_3

If not China, where are they made?

Says in the “features” - Vietnam

Sorry, I didn’t see that! [headslap] How is that better than China, really? Offshoring in Asia is offshoring in Asia, no?