WMF Serrated Steak Knives - Set of 6

WMF= where’s my fork
When they don’t show country of manufacture it is most likely China.

These have came down a lot from the Last Sale that was $32.99 - Looks like woot is using the knives to slash prices!

Actually it’s a German company

Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik

German company, yes. But these are made in China.

okay, 1 more: $18.99 tonight
product page

$49.99 Abe’s of Maine

Overstock $46.99

and at rakuten.com

good night

I have used these steak knives for years. They are my favorite steak knife by far. Great price woot!!!

Do you know if these knives are dishwasher safe?

It says Dishwasher safe in the Features. I’m going to grab a set and assume that’s correct.

Need new knives, but so upset to see something I ordered off woot yesterday shipping via FedEx Smart Post. What a joke. I’d rather pay an extra $5 or however much and not get something I order 2 weeks later. If you are going to use Smart Post you might as well have someone deliver it via horsedrawn carriage.

Can’t wait to see what first prize is

I got these on Woot just about a month ago (at $30). I’ve used them a few times (for steak obviously) and am very satisfied with them.

They look great, they are comfortable to hold, and they are heavy enough that gravity will help you cut through meat. They obviously also have the serrated edge required for cutting steak.

I’ve washed them in the dishwasher several times, and that does not appear to be a problem at all.

I can recommend these knives, and this price is excellent.

Why do you think a serrated edge is required. I have my own pocket knife that I use when I’m eating at a restaurant and order steak because the serrated knives don’t work half as well.

That pocket knife is smooth edge and works beautifully. (And yes I clean it before and after use.)

Not that there’s anything really wrong with serrated knives, except you can’t sharpen them like you can smooth edged knives.