Wok Signal

Based on the title, I was expecting the pun to be about cookware. I am disappointed now. :frowning:

And I suppose Greedo just stays put.

I’m seeing a lite-bright, how about you guys?

this traffic sign is not for outside use - endor only

Dang, I wish I’d have come up with that pun.

Next thing we’ll see is everyone doing the new dance craze: Ewok Like An Egyptian

for the star wars geeks alike, I approve. Love it.

beat me to it! but yes, lite brite. wish I’d thought to make an Ewok with mine…

yub nub!

When the Ewok is lit, does it mean “cross, but beware of Imperial AT-ATs”

Proud owner of both DVD’s. :slight_smile:

I expected a Martin Luther King Jr. themed shirt today.

Oh well, this is still a good choice.

Normally I would pass on this, but since it’s a stupidly bad pun I bought one. See, I like bad puns, and one of my friends will yell “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” loudly when he sees it.

Altho, because it’s an ewok, a part of me died when I clicked on the last “Buy it” button.

Hmm, I have a sudden taste for fava beans and a nice chianti.

edit: I was also the first person to buy the shirt…

Oh the pain, the pain…

Don’t you think in this electronic age, that crossing the street would also go high-tech? I think this is more accurately an “eWOK” sign…

when the light changed D i c k & Jane yelled “Run Spot run.”

[nerdrage]It’s spelled KASHYYYK! Duh, everyone knows that![/nerdrage]

Cool shirt, though.

Ahahaha! I am a sucker for the bad puns as well. If I wasn’t so broke right now I would be in for one.

Sigh. You tempt me so much Woot!

Obviously I’m icha-wah-wahing over this shirt. And foaming at the mouth.



when you are @ @ the intersection remember to look both ways before crossing.