Wok Signal

These are not the puns you’re looking for.

I never expected the TK-80085 reference in a Woot description. At least someone was abreast of the situation.

Slogan “In Wok we trust.”

That was a good one, Tazfree!

TK-421 was not at his post because he wanted to get this shirt.


I love the reference and would LOVE to have the design but wouldn’t wear it as a shirt. Limited edition woot bumper sticker?

It’ll leave many users tittering.

starcruiser WHOOSH, starcruiser CRASH!

I swear, if I ever saw this sign in the real world, I’d totally expect to hear really cute music accompany me as I tottered off across the street.

I think it is time we demonstrated the full power of this traffic signal.

Wicket taunts them again!

Seriously? 'Cause in the derbies there’s always a “No Star Wars” rule, and then when it’s not a derby you totally do Star Wars. What’s next, a shirt full of bunnies?

AHHHH. The Ewok jokes and references are wonderful. And that TODAY show footage is always amusing.

Thanks so much for the great comments, all!


Perhaps I’m a little slow to the show… but this picture is one of the natives from Star Wars right?

Adding to the nerdrage, and it’s also spelled Wookiees!! RAWR… (rips arm off nearest Stormtrooper.) Sheesh, woot, you could have at least looked it up on Wookieepedia.com.

Nice design, Nathan!

Don’t Walk. Walk. ** Ewok!**

(for those who don’t get it)

which Derby was this a part of?

Would be possibly in for one, but how well will this pring on a black shirt? Would the other signs be visible? It seems like the wookie overpowers the rest.

Thanks Woot, I cannot resist any shirt with the Star Wars theme. Great Shirt!!!

Perfect b-day gift for my son :slight_smile: YAY!