Wok Signal

bing The light goes on. Thank you!

Yaa-yaah! Ee chee wa maa!

… uh, sorry my Ewokese is a litle rusty.

Allay loo! Yun yum di goot, Nathan!

Used to like Star Wars until episode one came out.Now I’m so,so burned out on the whole thing,and especially Lucas,who also ruined the 4th Indy movie.Of course I’ve had plenty of time to be over exposed to it all,I’m 53.
Glad someone is getting enjoyment from it though.

I like it, but I’m worried that the rest of the sign won’t be visible on the black shirt. Any thoughts on how this is going to print?


Well it is very cute and all but how does that bypass the NO STARWARS policy

Being from Boston, i dont think i’m allowed to own this shirt.


Don’t give them any ideas!

I am a huge Star Wars fan and studying traffic engineering… I feel like this signals the start of a good semester, ending with a Wicket high Logray’d.

eWocka eWocka eWocka…

Yaah! Another clever one by Pyle! Dude never disappoints fans of wearable witticism :slight_smile: WTG!


Congrats Nathan, great work!

Wokka wokka.

Puns! Puns for us all!

What are “wamp rats”? Perhaps Woot meant “swamp rats”?

just a question, what should i get for a young hearty man of about 5’9"? Is a Medium too tight?

Extrapolating from the hint “hearty,” I would suggest a men’s XL (my brother is 5’9" and “hearty”–not fat but definitely bigger than he would ideally prefer to be–and he goes with a large for almost-too-tight-but-still-good-so-long-as-it-never-enters-the-dryer and an XL for just-loose-enough-and-can-shrink-down-in-the-dryer-to-just-right). Woot shirts are generally considered to run at least a size smaller than to what people say they’re accustomed. Remember, too big can still always be shrunk and/or worn, but too small is good for nothing but the donation bin!

Wok don’t run to your nearest sith lord funeral pyre.