Wolfgang Puck 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Amazon Reviews

Pretty awful reviews.

Don’t buy! I got one 3-4 months ago from woot and tossed it in the garbage after a week. The pot would not seat correctly and the water would spill all over the counter. Pian in the A**

I will never buy another Wolfgang appliance. This is the only “bad” Woot purchase I have made. Quit working 7 days after received. Wolfgang customer service was challenging and complicated. Finally just threw the thing away but I did save the nice carafe. Woot should just toss these out rather than play roulette with customers.

Crap!!! I just got one.uggg

I most always read the reviews before purchasing junk, but I figured this wouldn’t last long so I just on it like donkey kong!!!

Funny, I keep the carafe too but I dont know what to do with it. It may have to go in the trash too.

I bought this from homeWoot a few months ago. It works great.
The sealed carafe keeps the coffee hot and fresh for three to four hours after brewing, so if you are a drink coffee all through Saturday or Sunday morning person (like me), this will do you good.

You might get lucky or you might end up with a nice $49 carafe.


is one of the best things I have seen on Woot!.

Mine came with a second lid for the carafe to correct the problem. I would guess that this one does, too.

Why guess when it says so in the description? :wink:

Mine did too … it still spilled coffee all over.

POS! stay away!

I got one a while back. Love it!

First, they don’t tell you what lid is the good one. Yes, I like to play what lid is going to leak with hot coffee. Fun games for all. Nerveless I tried both and the leak happens from the top of the filter because the spring is not pressed in to cause the coffee to drip into the carafe. Buy if you must but I told you so.

I bought one of these the last time they came up. There are indeed two lids enclosed, and you can actually tell which one is the replacement lid because it’s shoved into the box separately from the rest of the coffee maker. It is worth noting, however, that even the second lid will leak if you do not make sure that the spring on the bottom of the filter basket is properly seated on the lid of the carafe. I have had to clean up spills two or three times because of this. Otherwise, the unit has been fine. The carafe keeps coffee warm, the coffee brews quickly, and I’ve had no other complaints with it besides the leaking if the filter basket isn’t seated properly.

I am actually replacing it with an Aeropress, but that’s because I typically only drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day and it seems pointless to use this coffee maker for 2 cups of coffee.

Note: the last time this was on Woot, somebody asked if the reservior measures 6oz or 8 oz cups- it measures 8oz (16oz per demarcation line on the container).

As long as you don’t get one that has electronics issues (some do, as I understand things), and as long as you remember to check the filter basket before brewing, this is a nice coffee maker. Be warned, though- it’s quite tall and may not fit under some cupboards, especially since you have to lift the water reservoir up about a foot before it’s freed from the coffee maker.

The leak doesn’t happen if:

  1. you use the “bad” lid and turn the coffee carafe handle all the way to the left or right, which seats the filter basket properly on the lid, or
  2. you use the “good” lid and make sure to check that you’ve not pushed the filter basket connection off to the side when you put the carafe into the machine. I have developed the habit of pressing down on the button in the center of the carafe lid while I put the carafe in the unit, then releasing it under the filter basket. As long as things are lined up, no leaks.

Double wall carafe and no heating plate = warm coffee instead of hot coffee. I’ll never have one set up like that again.

Mine leaked too and woot wouldn’t answer my email complaint! BIG WASTE OF MONEY

Hello, I bought one of these and had the exact same problem. The lid should fit in easily, and I thought I had screwed it in properly. Wrong! The coffee began spilling all over the counter, I burned myself, no way to stop it, AND I was late for work. I finally tamed it and am using it, but I find the design is poor. I would not recommend this model.